Lighting And Grip Equipment Rental

Perfect shot needs lighting and grip accessories that fit in every location. Photographers, videographers, filmmakers, vloggers, multimedia artists, and even influencers know the value of to-the-point lighting for the perfect shoot. To meet the requirements of today’s cinema and videographer, MEDIA SQUARE offers an extensive collection of lighting and grip rental in Doha and Lebanon.

Lighting rental in Doha - Media Square

Brightens The Shoot With The Exact Lighting

Our exclusive inventory of lighting includes Aputure, Skypanel, and M series for rental in Doha and Lebanon. When shooting indoors, to set the tone you have envisioned, you need to create the right lighting atmosphere. Quality image or video requires way more light than natural, and you can not depend on inconsistent natural lighting. To fulfill your exclusive demand, we got dimmers, camera lights, tungsten, daylight, soft boxes, and more of the brands you rely on, such as Aputure rental in Doha and Lebanon.

Rent Grip Accessories To Fit the Right Requirements

With the finest and wide range of inventory we offer, you will get what you seek. Our collection of tripods, shoulder kits, frames & textiles, sliders, dollies, and cranes for rental in Doha and Lebanon are exclusively based on the preferred choice of experienced professionals. Check out our range now!

Grip rental Doha - Media Square