From imagination to imagery, produce something that amazes everybody.

MEDIA SQUARE is a top-notch company for crew and cinema equipment in Doha and Lebanon. For the last 16 years in this industry, we have been well-equipped with the widest range of production equipment, covering almost every aspect of digital cinema, video production, and broadcast. Best in class innovation and advanced technology, we offer the highest possible standard equipment by the most professional teams.

Cinema equipment Doha - Media Square
Cinema gear rental Doha - Media Square

As a crew with experience in the cinematography industry, we understand every project has its own world of ideas and imagination, hence a unique need for equipment and procedure to follow. We offer optimal cinema gear rental in Doha and Lebanon along with the specialized crew which will work with you personally during your project.

  • We provide a tailor-made solution for all your filming and production needs.
  • Top-quality cinema rental equipment along with the latest technology.
  • We advise you on the best gear to execute your vision.