Rent Out! The Cameras And Lenses!

What do you want? Name the brand and technology we are ready with the product for you, whether it is a branded camera of ARRi Alexa 35 rental in Doha and Lebanon or a typical lens you need. We have got you covered!

ARRi camera rental Doha - Media Square

Camera Rental

How exciting it is to get the latest technology and the exact gear for every new gig you got. MEDIA SQUARE offers top brand and advanced versions of brands like Canon, Sony, GoPro, and Canon rental in Doha and Lebanon. With the latest rise of mirrorless cameras, our range covers handy mirrorless including DSLR, Action cameras, Camcorders, Cinema, and more.

Lenses Rental

Click the perfect shot with the perfect lens! The lens is the major part of shooting, and it also is a pick of personal choice. Our wide range of Master primes rentals in Doha and Lebanon gives you the liberty to choose and select what you require. We have lenses of E mount, EF mount, and PL mount to give you the shot you desire, such as Cooke and Cannon lenses rental in Doha and Lebanon. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, trying out the latest tech is always worth it. Check out our range now.

Lighting rental in Doha - Media Square